Thursday, January 17, 2013

T16 update photos

I know there's been a delay, but I've been doing a lot of minor things on various projects of late. I have half-painted US Paras, a half-painted High Elf Mage, half-painted High Elf horsemen, and a now-basecoated Ork Bomma. Also, this!

I have applied the camo nets, and started adding crew. I'd cast enough for all but one carrier, but I wanted to get them in so I can start adding stowage. In two cases, I've taken slight liberties with uniforms to add a radio man from a tank commander and another with a pair of binoculars and awesome mustache. Also you can see in the pictures, I've started adding more front-deck stowage in the form of two flimsies, as well as tail lights and racked guns. The guns are pretty crude, but they'll be covered with crew forearms and stowage in most cases, so I'm not too concerned.

The other thing that's been eating up my time lately is this!

I'm currently making moulds of a final truck cabin, another truck body, and all the stowage I could amass from the Open Fire kit, to really pile the stowage on the T16s and the tanks.

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