Thursday, February 21, 2013

Painting Uniforms

I've been kind of all over the place with models the last little while. With the Rhino done, the High Elves almost finished, and my US Para platoon on to basing and intense detail, I have turned my attention back to my objective marker:

Their uniforms are on the way, though I suspect this will be a challenging painting project, since I'm not just painting historical uniforms, but real people. So far the "Luftwaffe" winter coats are done, the belts have basecoat, the "RAF Uniform" is mostly highlighted, and the "US Officer" outfit is done, unless I decide to go more extreme with the highlights. The truck you can see has also gotten its first basic colours, and I re-sized the stump off to the side to be more appropriate.

As of Friday I should be able to cast the remaining T16 crew, after which I can liberally cover the T16s in stowage, and, with merciful weather, get them sprayed. This objective will be worked on as I have leftover paint from other paints, most likely, and since it requires such attention to detail, it may be a while before it's finished.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Commission Done!

I have finally finished the commission for a flgs! The last piece was a Space Wolf Rhino, which, thanks to my airbrush, went quite quickly.

I base-coated in white, airbrushed most of the large panels of colours, and went heavy on the weathering. Any vehicle this pale, spending more than 3 minutes on most battlefields would be all kinds of muddy. It's for a Blood Claws pack, whose symbol is on the Right flank.

I also added a bunch of Space Wolf leftover bits, to really sell the vehicle. Visible here are a combat shield and Leader's backpack icon cut down, the entire upper torso (minus arms) is from various Wolf kits, and on the Left side door is a wolf pelt taken from Logan Grimnar.

The back of the vehicle is of course heavily mudded, as well as the 'ends' of any door panel. Since these would hit the ground, they got a good dusting of mud. I also did a more faded weathering on the top hatches, figuring even with them not hitting the ground, being rubbed by marines that do would also work some grit into them.

The interior is relatively sparse, though less so than a vanilla-marine Rhino, because being blood claws I figure they've not earned the volume or variety of honours a more veteran squad would have. Were I to do a Grey Hunters or Long Fangs rhino, I'd intentionally make the interior look highly customized. Sadly, pictures of the comms array did not work out, but it too received some TLC.

I am working on a variety of projects at the moment, and will hopefully get around to photographing them in the next few days. Tyranids, US Paras, Malifaux troops, and a special version Tyranid Prime are all sat on my desk begging for more paint and work.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

The More You Know

While I have no picture updates today, I figured I'd post an update of what I've been working on of late. First, I have a Space Wolf Rhino nearly finished, and it is the last stage in a commission for a friendly local gaming store (flgs). My 6pdr battery has been undercoated and airbrushed green, though I've not had time to cast the last crew for the T16s. I've also purchased the remaining models I did not have of Malifaux's Ten Thunders, and it's those that I want to mention today.

The Ten Thunders Archers are plastic models meant to fit into the Japanese-themed faction for Malifaux. They have a distinctive 'one arm in kimono' look, the Japanese-style tall bows, and domed hats. Interestingly, as I try to figure out how I'm going to paint them (and trying to decide how to base them), I come across the art of Kyudo

Kyudo is basically Zen Archery: One is not focused on hitting the target but on meditating through the drawing and firing of a bow. With credit to the guys at Wyrd who made the Ten Thunders Archers, their costumes are nearly identical to the look of a Kyudo archer in firing mode. I'll have pictures up soon as I have done some conversion and detail work on them above and beyond, but for the moment they're still being based and strung. I am incredibly impressed at the level of detail they've managed on these models, considering it's for a fantasy setting. We've seen so often the 'feel' of Japanese culture taken, while not attending carefully to the look, and it's a refreshing change.

I am also currently painting the plastic terminators from the new 40k starter box, so my painting table's mighty busy at the moment!

Friday, February 01, 2013

Teaser Upcoming Objective

I have finally gotten the truck required to make my next objective! At the moment it's been undercoated, and I just need to paint it.

Here's the objective roughed together, placed where they likely will be once it's all painted up and finished. Since these are meant to represent real people, I will be taking extra time to paint them.

The three principle characters (beside a stump) that will make up the objective. It is now your game to figure out what it's all from!