Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Basswood Crates Done!

A month! How the heck has it been a month already? There's been some painting, but sadly not a lot of stuff that can be photographed and posted. (Or at least, not that I want to...) I've been doing assembly of models for a hoped-for burst of painting, and prepping for my first Infinity tournament by getting a last few models I want painted ready for it.

That said, I finally managed to paint the crates in a way I wasn't unhappy with the instant I saw them. It takes glosscoat (by me applied by cheap GW 'purity seal') to make sure the paint doesn't soak into the wood. I may end up changing exactly how I work the words/logos into the basswood, but for now I think it works.

Tadaa! Here they are! The 9Lives is intentionally kind of odd in the green paint, while New Dawn gets two crate colour styles, the Nomad crates are relatively straightforwardly painted (With one to see what it would look like if they weren't variably coloured). Alpha Aerotech is a pale blue that I'm not 100% about, but we'll keep it for the test crates and I'll work out colours I like more in the next round. I do like, and will keep, the variety of colours. It'll help make even a bunch of them across a table not be quite boring. For the most part I also haven't dinged or aged the crates, as I assume they'd be some kind of advanced plastic capable of resisting the stresses of interplanetary travel.

I'll try to do a 'how to' painting post soon, with the other test set I made. In the meantime, I'll also try to photograph the models I finished up for the contest, which is this weekend! Wish me luck!