Saturday, January 26, 2013

Minor update to the T16

Hey folks, progress has been slow just the last little while, as I had some indecision regarding materials. In the end, I decided to do this with plasticard for the sake of durability.

I've seen three primary types of track guards: The first is this one above, with a solid band along the back with the big drop front, which was done in two separate pieces of my thinnest plasticard, bent to glue in place. The front section is glued to the top track guard, while the second is bent further and glued to the underside of the tracks.

This is the second type I've seen, which has the same front end, but a different, two-piece guard along the back. To exaggerate the look (and the fact that these pieces get all bent out of shape) I used two pieces to fill it in.

Also, in these two images, you can see that I've added what few rivets there are on these. I'm using liquid green stuff, which when just dabbed on the surface will bubble. It can take two or three coats, but I find it easier in 15mm than trying to use rod or similar. I've heard superglue will serve the same purpose. I've also started to add stowage (most visible here is the pair of spare T16 wheels, and an extra wheel for a 6pdr.)

I hope to cast the final bits of crew on Monday, and finish the assembly on Wednesday or Thursday, when the resin dries.

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