Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Ork Buggy 1 Painted*

*plus or minus a few details on the crew...

Here's pics of how it's looking painted!

First, after airbrush basecoats, some metalwork, and the first few layers on the Orks themselves. They're Kromlech and Spellcrow heads, a Kromlech driver body, and the Black Reach gunner. The gunner's magnetized to the post, the driver's not glued in at all.

You can also see the places I added plasticard to hide gaps or joins that didn't quite work.

 This is after much more work on the orks, rust and grime, dags, painted racing arrows, and a painted (orky style) front grill, with splattered paint bits. The tires have also had a bit of a paint job to clean them up.

A rear view! I've tried to rust up the deckplate realistically, and add metal bits mostly to places that would bear the most roughing up.

Here you can see how the orky skull paints up with some white, and the look of the one clean-ish section on the buggy: The Ultramarines panel! I figure it's made of some bizarre hybrid material that wouldn't rust with the same speed or severity as the rest of the buggy's random-scrap assembly. Only bits left are final details on the driver and gunner, some dust and grime from driving about (and maybe mud), and then a protective layer or two.

It's kind of visible once painted, but the fact that the buggy has been made out of wood shows up slightly. I've tried seeing if painting my second buggy with watered down craft glue will limit the amount of tooth, and how much paint it soaks up!

Next time, buggy number 2 assembled!