Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Nazdreg Commission

Alas, this one will not be painted by me, but I was recently commissioned to do a conversion of Nazdreg for a friend who plays Bad Moonz. The only problem of course is that almost everyone converts one out of Ghazgkhull, and thus they all end up looking very uniform, and very... Goff.

We decided to start with the Age of Sigmar Ironjaws Warboss, because the armour would seem more delicately shaped, and more 'teef paid for' than Big-G's very rough but durable gear.
(For those unaware, Ork money is, literally, their teeth. No dumber than bottlecaps!)

The left arm was chopped at the wrist (or just not assembled really) and replaced with a custom Klaw. In keeping with the 'more teef' idea, and to tie it in with Nazdreg's original model, this version has a Klaw with 5 fingers, rather than Big-G's rather typical 3. I did a square Iron Gob at the client's request, also to differentiate from Big G, and a single stikkbomb launcher, inspired by some old art of Nazdreg.

The head is off a Flash Git, turned to face the right direction, and hilariously, happens to be a head with no big teeth, almost as though Nazdreg is constantly getting rid of the oversized ones to pay for more flashy gear!

The right arm saw extensive conversion: Axe removed, replaced with a gun from a Mek, itself modified to be pistol-gripped, with an appropriate Bad Moonz symbol. The forearm is mostly untouched, but the upper arm is a complete putty resculpt from bicep to shoulder, including custom shoulderpad from plasticard and more Flash Gitz bits, as well as bass guitar strings.

Nazdreg's backside: More flash gitz bitz to make a crude power supply for this huge armour, snaking cables connecting upper and lower torso, and more mechanical gubbinz supporting the leg armour. You can also see the power feed down the right arm.

And my favourite part: the Klaw! Entirely plasticard and putty, it imitates the shape of any other Orky piece. I may put up some in-progress shots, but it's pretty straightforward: Fist-shaped box, festooned with sharp fingers, backed up by pistons, and rammed full of bizarre and arcane power leads back to the mysterious (fusion?) power source.

And there you have it! Quick and dirty Ork conversion, still with lots of room for fun and bizarre painting details. All in all I think he makes a nice contrast to Ghazghkull's angry striding, feels very Bad Moonz (Lookit' my Flashy Shoota!) and looks just a little bit fancier than just a regular megaboss! I'll put up painted pictures when I get them from the client, no idea when that'll be!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Adeptus Scientia

I have decided, with the start of 8th, to attempt 40k again. To this end I have purchased an obscene amount of Skitarii and Adeptus Mechanicus models. Here's what I have to work with!

For the purpose of making something unique, I decided to forego my usual clean 'realistic' painting method, and switch to a "Blanchitsu" rough-paint look. An experiment to be sure, and one that would fit the theme of this army quite well I think. I'm doing a twist on the Dark Mechanicus, and will likely hold to a nice bone/black/red scheme. I was motivated to do up a bit of a "background lore" to the force, which I'm putting below:

--Message Received at Adeptus Mechanicus Forge World of Metalica. Scrubbed of 10 Techno-Viruses, and 2 Data-Mine Parasites. Rendered in plaintext to limit contamination. Title-stamped Maximum Security. Likelihood of Inquisition knowing rated at 23.38% (err +/-4%)-- The Adeptus Mechanicus is a fractured group of techno-mystics, science-priests, and dogmatic mechanics. Your belief set is so strict, and so limiting, that the true beauty of science, and the true voice of the Machine God, is filtered, distorted, and rendered pathetic. You spend as much time scraping and scrivening, stealing ideas from one another as actually accomplishing anything.
We are the Adeptus Scientia.
We reject these dogmas. We reject this limitation. We will not look through a mirror, darkly, but will look through a perfect crystal, view the universe entirely, and through that, gain power and insight.
We began as an explorator fleet during the Great Crusade. As the rival factions on Mars fought and wrung their hands over the 'right' way to believe, we learned, understood, and incorporated all manner of facets of the Machine God to our knowledge. As the Adeptus Astartes swept through the galaxy, so did we, not destroying but discovering. And when the Warmaster turned his back on his Father, we offered our insights to the Priesthood of Mars, in hopes of preserving and elevating Humanity. You condemned us.
You bade us return, so we could face punishment.
When we persisted, you exiled us.
Now you will fear us.
We have continued to learn. We have continued to develop, improve, and incorporate. The daemons that so plague the rest of the imperium are our servants. Technology you fear, we use. Principles you eschew as 'heresy', we have mastered and incorporated. We will not be stopped. We are the true masters of technology. You were unable to track us and find us because our technological abilities so outweigh your own. While you hoard jealously what little remains to you, we have begun to spread the teachings, the understandings, to humanity. We honour the principles of the Great Crusade.
We are the true servants of the Machine God.
--Threat Level Omega. Terminate followers, purge evidence, do not recover tech.--