Tuesday, January 01, 2013

PIAT Organ

A short post today because I have been busy the whole time.

A while back I came across images of a Canadian Universal Carrier modification that had 14 PIAT launchers tied to the back as some wild destructive madman's dream. I knew I had to depict one of these in my force, even if only one of these vehicles historically existed.

This was a fun little simple build, which has been set aside for painting, lower on the totem pole than my other projects (and once I can get more of the patrols I will eventually be fielding).

As near as I can tell, this would be loaded, rushed at an enemy tank, (or more hopefully, snuck into position?) before a sharp tug yanked a bar that launched all the tubes simultaneously. The notion of being in the vehicle with 14 PIAT rounds bouncing around in the back, and another couple dozen or so slotted into their cardboard carry tubes around your vehicle is not for me, but awesome to depict!

My other two patrols will have more standard PIAT launchers equipped on their UCs, but once I saw this, I had to have one...

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