Monday, July 13, 2015

Incoming Dire Trolls

So I'm being really good at updating...

A quick update now before I get better pics together to put up: I was stuck at my parent's place this weekend cat-sitting, and decided to bring along all my airbrushing gear, and some models that need the work!

For now, the photos are the best a cell phone can pull off in a dark basement, but I assure there are better photos on the way, once I can hook my better camera back in. The first set of trolls (and Madrak) are done, by the way, and I'll have photos of them finished as well shortly, I hope.

This is all balanced on a sink, giving me quick and easy access to water and washing. Instead of a fancy airbrush holder stand, I have an old vice clamp that while it's not so good as a clamp, it's great as a holder!

I quickly determined that I wanted different colour depth on each troll, to give them some variety. That also meant I had to start lining up the hands for each to their various DTs!

The next layer was a more purple tone to shade, and also darken around the various rocks and whatnot on them. I figure purple's the Dire Troll equivalent of more ruddy skin on humans.

Here you can see a bit of the purple on the palms.

The next layer was the skintone mixed with pale sand, providing an appropriate highlight. The mix was thin enough I got to overlay a few times to make the colour build up. Due to a happy accident, it didn't highlight entirely cleanly, so their skin looks rougher as a result. This chap above is both converted in pose, and in getting a kilt, and looking more like Rok.

Here's the Earthborn Dire Troll, with purple, and highlight. I may yet do a green wash to make him look more earthy, but I'll have to decide once I get the stones done.

Yay cellphone pics
Here you can see the overall effect on the dire trolls after all the airbrushing was finished.

Hopefully it shows through that Rok (bearded/kilted troll) is paler, while the middle guy with bonus armour plates is the darkest skinned of the lot. I'll be able to bring out the differences slightly more with washes, and then it'll be on to detail painting!

Here's hoping it's not a month that slips by before my next post!

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