Sunday, June 07, 2015

It's been how long?!

Eesh, A month ago was my last post! As you can perhaps imagine, it's been a busy month at work for me, during which I've had nearly no downtime in which to paint, let alone photograph or blog about what I've been up to!

Hopefully shortly the workload will balance out, and I'll be able to update more frequently. As it stands though, I have an update on the trolls. I've been working hard at experimenting and playing about, and have gotten clothing, metal, and skin touched up.

The metal was washed with black, and with brown, then little splotches of rust were added before re-highlighting certain sections. All the bits of clothing were made to look utilitarian in cloth and dye, and the leather's been a fun little play. I'm  not 100% on it looking like leather, and not just brown fabric, but hopefully a few more washes and highlights will sell it more.

(Also, you will notice I haven't quite nailed down photography in the new apartment yet. It's a bit hit-or-miss still!)

On this you can see a bit of the variety of leather colours I've put together. So far, the bottom-central spear sheath is almost luminous, but with another wash or two it evens out nicely.

Unphotographed, but still fun: We've been working more on laser cutting: A word of wisdom, don't cut plasticard. It is likely to contain PVC, and if not still vinyl. Cutting it (read: burning it) releases either cyanide or chlorine gas, which is NOT fun to inhale... we're working on alternatives to hopefully set up some terrain printing for ourselves as well!

Currently I'm working on finishing up the trolls (painting tartans, detailing, etc.) and getting the Morats finished up at long last, and waiting for me 'patiently' are my two Icestorm Nomad sets, and a mostly-converted Iguana tag!

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