Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wildcats Armour

It seems the world is conspiring against me finishing my Infinity force.

I finish Pandora, lay out all the Nomad stuff to be painted, and both Wyrd and PSC announce painting contests! Expect a few non-model updates over the next bit, and delay between true model updates. Wyrd is asking us not to show any work until it's finished, so I won't be able to document what I'm painting for the next bit.

That said, Wildcats!

I debated using a more stand-out scheme, before deciding I liked the Prowler one enough to try just them for almost all the units in my force. The first mix on the armour is a mix of "Japanese Tank Crew" (Vallejo 70328) and Leather Brown (70871) at about 50/50, gradually highlighted with the ever useful pale sand. I wanted to do a more muted overall look, making it appear like some kind of advanced ceramic compound. I also had a rule for myself of limiting (or eliminating) all the glowing elements, because that Penny Arcade comic is right!

At first, the armour is a very muted brown, just the straight mix. For these ones I was so thankful for my wet palette letting me do thin gradual highlights of colour. The legs are about half-finished and will likely stay that way until I decide exactly how bright I want to make the red.

After a few layers, you will start to know if you were exactly even with the mix, or had more green or brown. I took some creative liberties on which sections of the boots would have armour plates; I know the default scheme has a few reds, but I figured that any place not covered by the red 'pliable flak armour' (as I am sure it is) would be harder ceramic compound shock plate.

At the same time, I was working on the others. I have all the potentially-covering pieces placed on a bit of model wire to allow me to get under. Infuriatingly, the Nuln Oil wash has a 50/50 chance of going milky, as you can see on his gun. I am going to have to start infusing the wash with Vallejo black to stabilize it...

You can also see on the shoulderpad how the pale sand is starting to show as the primary colour.

The super-thin layers eventually build up to a good slick armour, where I start focusing more on refining edges, and accentuating certain armour sections. This has the downside, though, of meaning the time per coat slows down as I delicately trace each line, and hit each highlight. Thinner coats are critical here!

Odd as it is, I love this pose. The hunched over look of this and the other male Wildcat gives a feel of attempting to sneak down a corridor before spotting the enemy. Sadly, it does make the female stand out somewhat. I think if I ever decide to run a Wildcat hacker, I'll just call her the one.

Originally, I had the arms to these two mixed up. I couldn't figure out why they didn't cleanly line up, but then looked more carefully at the box. This guy's pose is _almost_ shooting at a target in front of him (or is targeting someone ahead and a bit below).

Eventually, I will have the three fully highlighted in the armour, touched up on the pants and boots, and glowing only where a self-respecting soldier would be glowing! Just one single model, a crew, and a duel/diorama away!

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