Thursday, June 05, 2014

Pandora Crew, together at last

It seems Pandora is photo shy. It's really difficult to get a good one of her! Nevertheless, here she is in all her painted splendour:

Isn't she just so innocently adorable?
The photos mostly had to be amalgams, because either the focus would only be on half of her, or too bright, etc. She was a ton of fun to actually paint though. I got to use techniques I haven't in a while, and really pushed my skin painting.

I knew I had to fancy up her dress when I saw how much flat space was on it. I had to delicately cover up the wisp of smoke/miasma coming off the box, because I knew I wanted to keep its eerie glow even when the model was painted.

Kade's also been finished and photographed now. It's odd; there's a notch under his leg where the teddy is supposed to slot, but I prefered the idea of him having paid attention to it right up until something else caught his eye... something warm, and naive, and vulnerable...

He was also incredibly difficult to paint in a way I'd not experienced previously: With only really skin and diaper to paint, he paints up so fast you feel like you're missing something. I must've looked him over a few times just making sure of that.

Candy of course looks appropriately adorable now. It's amazing how large the bases seem for Candy and Kade, especially being the plain discs.

Aand finally, the entire original crew. I may yet do some painted details on the sorrows and poltergeist, but for the time being, I want to leave them pure creepy plastic. They were the real motivation for clear bases: I may eventually do a scenic base for them with lights buried in, casting a creepy glow up through their base.

And then, one final group-shot to leave you with; Pandora amidst her creations!

Teddy will join them as soon as I can figure out what to do about his eyes.

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