Monday, March 31, 2014

Ten Thunders Yamaziko

At long last, we had a nice enough day I could fotograph the last few Ten Thunders models I have! (I'll do a full crew post when I can again get a nice day for fotos.)

To start things off, let's get a good dramatic pic of Yamaziko:

Yes, the colours have been enhanced in this one, but it allows me to make her look appropriately dramatic with her lantern lighting her from behind.

Here she is in proper light. I decided, in contrast to Misaki, to keep her robes relatively plain. They are still fancy with a decoration of flowers, but is nowhere near the level of detail I put into the young leader. I figure this ties the feel of the models together more: Yamaziko reserved, Misaki wild and flamboyant.

Her face's paint is actually the second attempt. The first time I did my standard flesh tone, wash, with a highlight, but it made her skin seem too 'young'. I went back over it again with a pale flesh colour, intentionally mixed with a small amount of grey and highlighted with pale sand to simulate more an older person's skin. I also intetionally made the strokes all lines, and without much smoothing, to get across a wrinkled feel.

Believe it or not, this is my first attempt at source lighting painting. I've not often been a fan of it, mostly because a lot of folks go way overboard, making the model just look like they've been hit by an airbrush from a few angles with whichever colour of light. Here though, with such a distinct and significant element on her, I had to go a bit fancier.

Here's her side-shots. The bit of hair that is loose from her bun on the left side is a bit odd, and may yet see some updates. The left shows off the flowers on her kimono, while the right displays the effects I attempted on source-lighting the bricks.

Next time (and far sooner than I typically post) I will have an update of Misaki and her friend Shang.

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