Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Painting Log; Guilt Edition

As I work on adjusting and tweaking the Malifaux deck, I'm also trying to get a crew or two finished for Malifaux. In theory I should've had these folks done a long time ago, but I've been dragging my feet over certain details and cleaning things up...

Rather than a finished work post, I figured I'd do a "here's what I've got" post.

First up the Viktorias: I like the default paint scheme enough to imitate it. I've tried a non-metallic metal style on the blades, using metallic paints (which I prefer) and have kept them a rich blonde. I prefer the older Vik models to the new ones for the Viktorias themselves, but I do like the new ones as additional Ronin (and will be using them for that.)

One of the reasons I intend to use the old Vik models above, is they match almost perfectly the Viktoria avatars. I had to convert the forearm gauntlet things back on Avatar Vik of Blood, and I'll do a more detailed post about these two when they're further along. It's been a difficult challenge to paint them so far, because anything I paint on one pair has to be mimicked on the other pair. It means highlighting two shirts, two sets of armour, two sets of boots, each time...

Panning across my desk, the Desperate Mercenary is getting his final touches, the Treasure Hunter is being painted up (Thank goodness she can be used with a Student of Conflict now) and the original look Ronin are being worked on. I've tried to make the Ronin a mix of mundane peasant clothing and a couple of pieces of fanciful clothes.

And finally the true guilt section. I have a converted Taelor desperate merc, and the remains of my Ten Thunders crew. The new Taelor looks a lot more fitting for the character, and frees up the older as great for a Desperate Mercenary. To my mind, the female Desperate Merc model is awkwardly posed, oddly garbed, and just doesn't look as good as old-Taelor for a desperate mercenary who, in this case, quite literally had to sell the shirt off her back! (Or is following the inspiration of the Ronin and Viktorias and is dressing down!)

Though you can't really tell from this angle, I'm doing a minor source-light effect on Yamaziko, and keeping her robes very plain. A woman of her age and wisdom, I think, sees less reason to be really flashy any more. By contrast, Misaki is getting bright and strong coloured robes well decorated as befits her personality. I'll do more detail on them (and Ototo on the far right) when I get them finished.

Word of warning for now: Paint Ototo in pieces! Him fully assembled just truly sucks to try and reach angles. If I was able to go back in time, I would have warned myself to do body separate from torso, and helmet separate again. Ah well, paint and learn!

I've had an idea to make the Malifaux deck back incorporate each master (or as many as I can fit) as a symbol or icon, and am working on making those now. No guarantees if I'll like it, but when my computer allows me, I've been trying to get that to work. Now that I've shown models, though, I in theory have incentive to finish them off!

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