Friday, January 24, 2014

Squadron for sale?

I have been trying to finish up my Panther company for the last little while, and I swear it's close to done. In the interim, I will, for the first time, solicit comments specifically...

I have, through various means, ended up with essentially an entire company of Sherman Vs. Two whole "Open Fire" boxes of Sherman tanks, making four troops. All it would need is the command pair of tanks to be a complete set!

The problem is I truly have all the Shermans I could want. My own squadron of Canadians is at historical ideal strength. The difficulty I'm having is in what to do with the rest. I could sell them as-is, on the sprue, and see what I get; or I could paint them up as snazzy as I can, and then sell them. Do you folks figure there'd be more draw for one over the other?

I'd love to hear thoughts. It's not a rush issue, after all I have a bunch of stuff to get done in the meantime, but I figured I'd float the thought out now anyway, get feedback before I decide what to do with them.

Here's hoping I can finish the Panthers tonight, and get them photographed sometime this weekend!

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