Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello folks, hopefully the new year arrives for you with warmth and happiness.

I apologize for not posting often in the last little while, but we've had a fun time of it. Just on the lead-up to Christmas, our city got slammed by a nice hefty ice storm, knocking out our power for two days. After that it was all kinds of holiday-related activity, such that I have gotten very little model work done, and even less photographing of it!

That said, my Panthers have gotten some rust paint on their mufflers, and are on to final finicky details (unit numbers, crewmen uniforms, mud and dirt, any random other odds and ends I can find), and I am cleaning flash and mold lines from my LRDG models, which will probably be next up on the conversion queue.

I have been working to finish off my Ten Thunders and Viktorias crew, before I do too much digging into and assembling a new order of Wyrd stuff including the transparent green Pandora and the NEW Viktorias crew!

For the next bit the posts I put up may be "here's what I have done so far" as opposed to "here's this thing I finished" but those are coming as well! Yamaziko needs fine tweaking, a desperate mercenary is final highlighting away from finished, and Ototo and Misaki need mostly clothing-decoration type details.

Here's to 2014, when I attempt to reduce the pile of models I have stored up! If I get around to it, I may put up pictures of just how much stuff is in my 'store' to go at!

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