Sunday, June 23, 2013

More Canadian Pics

After my last post, a couple of folks wanted more close-in photos of my conversions, so here they are:

This is what the dressings look like under the mesh. The battlefront helmets have reverse-mesh on them, where rather than bumping up, the mesh lines cut in. I imitated this with mine to keep the look somewhat consistent. I added a very small amount of epoxy putty to the helmets, smoothed them on with a sculpting tool, and then grooved them with a craft blade. The hardest thing at this point is making sure not to change the shape of the dressing too much with the craft blade while trying to make lines!

Here you can see one figure with his dressings above the netting, in the middle. Those were far easier to customize, needing only some detailing to delineate the folds and wraps of the dressings.

Finally in this picture you get another angle on the dressings, above and below webbing, as well as one soldier with no gaiters. For these, I intentionally made them seem a bit bell-bottomed, so I could go back after they hardened to cut them down to normal size, and get them the folds and creases they'd naturally have.

The prone figures were far easier to give just-trousers to than the standing ones, since I didn't have to worry about the putty doughnut-pulling off the leg.

Monday or Tuesday, energy-levels and heat permitting, I'll put up my post about the blister I pulled these guys from. They're being frantically painted by me now, and I'm hoping to have them done and ready for the start of Overlord! I do have a tank company I can use instead if need be, but it'd be nice to have an infantry one as well, especially since I suspect the first week or so will be all beach landings.

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