Friday, March 22, 2013

I Want to Ride My Bycicle

Hey folks, short post today, as I was hit hard with a 24-hr flu yesterday. Two days ago, however, I managed to get some fun work done on my Firefly conversions. I have now added pretty much all the stowage they're going to have, and have ground down the muzzles to look more realistic.
Also, I have used my method of making camo netting on one, and am trying to hide as much as possible their origin as not Fireflies...
Finally, I decided to do a fun bit of conversion on the back of one, as another 'trophy' find from a tank. Also, I imagine it's useful at the end of the day to get around when a jeep's not available:
As you can see, it was made using modelling wire bent how I needed it, and is based on a photograph of a period bike I saw. To hide the wire origins, much of it was then coated in liquid green stuff:
You can also see the addition of a plasticard set of gears, and a pedal. I will be giving it a few more coats to widen the wheels and smooth things out, and hopefully when painted it'll look right.

I have also finally taken photos of my Schutzen, and the painted part of my Tank Company, and will be uploading those over the weekend after I'm done convalescing...


  1. Very good looking stuff Clawz.

    I wanted to model a Sherman 105mm, would you know besides the gun if a PSC M4A1 or M4A3 would do the trick almost from the box?

    1. While I have not built or really seen either kit yet, (these are the BF Open Fire ones) based on their sprue links online, it appears both have the 105mm barrel, at the very least. From my limited knowledge, I think those were the only outward differences between them. Either way:
      (M4A1 "Wet Stowage" -they claim)
      (M4A3 wet stowage with various options)

      It doesn't seem the 105 had cast hull variants, based on a quick Google search, but I could be wrong.

      Another thing to think about when doing the PSC stuff, and looking at those Shermans, is I suspect with magnets you could make each variant on there without having to buy a whole new set of Shermans! A friend has the British Desert Shermans and quite likes the quality, and they do line up for size fairly well with the BF ones.

      Best of luck!