Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to Make More Accurate DAK

I finally managed to get pictures of my Schutzen, and some of them even came out! I figured rather than just showing them all, I'd talk about something that's 'missing' from the Afrika Korps. For the sake of the cold nights, every member of the DAK was issued a winter coat. Often, they would wear these even during the day. I'm not certain if this was convenience or temperature, but nevertheless, in photos of the DAK, you often see a mix of winter coats and helmets, winter coats and hats, etc.

To get my full three platoons, I purchased one of the Winter Panzergrenadiers, and two of the DAK Schutzen. Before painting any of them, I split them up so each platoon would have a roughly equivalent mix of greatcoats to tropical gear: Again, roughly 2:1, but with leftovers, it skewed more to non.

Replacing the heads was also fun, trying to clip off desert hat heads, and putting helmets on the ones I clipped. Of course, AFTER I get them all finished, I get the artillery set, and an abundance of heads without helmets. Bandanas made a great way to add some distinct colour to what would otherwise be a very sandy coloured everything else.

Pic-dump Time!

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