Saturday, February 09, 2013

The More You Know

While I have no picture updates today, I figured I'd post an update of what I've been working on of late. First, I have a Space Wolf Rhino nearly finished, and it is the last stage in a commission for a friendly local gaming store (flgs). My 6pdr battery has been undercoated and airbrushed green, though I've not had time to cast the last crew for the T16s. I've also purchased the remaining models I did not have of Malifaux's Ten Thunders, and it's those that I want to mention today.

The Ten Thunders Archers are plastic models meant to fit into the Japanese-themed faction for Malifaux. They have a distinctive 'one arm in kimono' look, the Japanese-style tall bows, and domed hats. Interestingly, as I try to figure out how I'm going to paint them (and trying to decide how to base them), I come across the art of Kyudo

Kyudo is basically Zen Archery: One is not focused on hitting the target but on meditating through the drawing and firing of a bow. With credit to the guys at Wyrd who made the Ten Thunders Archers, their costumes are nearly identical to the look of a Kyudo archer in firing mode. I'll have pictures up soon as I have done some conversion and detail work on them above and beyond, but for the moment they're still being based and strung. I am incredibly impressed at the level of detail they've managed on these models, considering it's for a fantasy setting. We've seen so often the 'feel' of Japanese culture taken, while not attending carefully to the look, and it's a refreshing change.

I am also currently painting the plastic terminators from the new 40k starter box, so my painting table's mighty busy at the moment!

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