Thursday, February 21, 2013

Painting Uniforms

I've been kind of all over the place with models the last little while. With the Rhino done, the High Elves almost finished, and my US Para platoon on to basing and intense detail, I have turned my attention back to my objective marker:

Their uniforms are on the way, though I suspect this will be a challenging painting project, since I'm not just painting historical uniforms, but real people. So far the "Luftwaffe" winter coats are done, the belts have basecoat, the "RAF Uniform" is mostly highlighted, and the "US Officer" outfit is done, unless I decide to go more extreme with the highlights. The truck you can see has also gotten its first basic colours, and I re-sized the stump off to the side to be more appropriate.

As of Friday I should be able to cast the remaining T16 crew, after which I can liberally cover the T16s in stowage, and, with merciful weather, get them sprayed. This objective will be worked on as I have leftover paint from other paints, most likely, and since it requires such attention to detail, it may be a while before it's finished.

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