Sunday, December 30, 2012

QF 6pdr in transport

Now for the other half of my creation. I am also scratch-building limbered 6pdr guns to magnetically attach to the back. This way, hopefully, I'll be able to fill the T16s with crew, and not have phantom 'surfing' crew out the back.

To that end, first I bought a box of 6pdrs. I found it rather funny how they were wrapped though:
For some reason, everything but the bases and the UC were in the smaller compartment, with all that space for one adorable little vehicle!

I assembled one 6pdr gun to use it for measuring, and then set to work on a flurry of cutting, bending, measuring some more, and pruning:
The top gun shield is what they look like when bent. Everything else is meant to either be part of the base, or part of the shield itself. (The 6pdr has two shields!)

This is the 'front' shield, starting to be assembled. The fiddly pieces on the left were the most annoying to cut so far, I think. Luckily, it's all on thin plasticard, so it's not terribly hard to cut through.

Here, I've added the closed gun trails, and the side-panels for the wheels to attach to. Above you can see the pre-cut lengths of doweling for the gun barrel and recoil dampener. At the top is also the first test of attaching the main gun shield.

Finally, here's all the gun shields attached, the barrels drying in the background, and the wheels (4.8mm rod thickened with greenstuff, then sliced like a salami to the proper 2mm width) ready to be grooved and assembled. Beside them is the BF 6pdr assembled, to make sure I'm doing everything properly.

Next steps are to magnetize the backs of the T16s, magnetize the rails of the 6pdrs, add the shovelplates to the rails, (glue the guns into the mounts) and putty on the canvas covers for 'travel mode'!

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