Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Little To The Left

As my Geckos are in the shop contemplating shoulder art, and the double-whammy of trying to secure an apartment and making sure our wedding is fully planned hits, I've had little time to paint recently. That said, the hour or two I have had I've devoted to trying to get my Morats started. (They were starting to leer at me from my desk...)

The hair is a straightforward painted gray and drybrushed with successive thin layers of white paint until I had the right colour depth. The skin will be slightly more muted than the studio-bright red. In my case I'm mixing some of the same purple from the pants into red and black, highlighting up to red, and then mixing in a bit of fleshtone to naturalize it.

I managed to get my hands on some fluorescent green and yellow, which will be used for anywhere these guys are supposed to glow. That'll come into play more on the heavy infantry than the light, but I shall try to find at least somewhere for each, to keep them consistent across the board.

Armour colour will be a glossy black, highlighting up to teal on the edges: I want to make it seem as though their armour is not made of a composite material humans know too well, if at all. So far the heavy armour sections are done in a metal colour, but I may put a few odd washes and glazes on it to affect how it appears. (The purple fatigues will be very muted by the time I'm done with the painting; right now they're just base-coated!)

The one thing I can't decide on is gun colour. I don't want to paint them the same colour as the armour, and don't want to make them look cheaply constructed, but everything I think up so far doesn't work for me. Hopefully by the time the rest are done, I'll have inspiration for them!

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