Monday, September 22, 2014

Let There Be Light!

I have been unable to post for a while: Between work and trainings for work, I haven't had a lot of painting time. That said, I have based the first batch of Nomads, and done a necessary repaint of certain parts thanks to a misbehaving matte varnish spray can... (Luckily, no significant damage was done.)

I also had the lamp previously shown broken break again. Debating between buying a new bulb for an eternally tricky lamp, and just buying a second LED snake lamp, I went for the latter. Turns out it was on sale as well!

(I know it's a bit blurry)
Behold! It's the "Studio 3B clip lamp". I found it at "Bed, Bath & Beyond" of all places, and this one cost $25. For it's price it's incredibly bright, has a daylight-tone colour, and its biggest advantage over my previous halogen bulb light: No heat. I can not tell you how many times I went to move it, or even just leaned over the wrong way, and nearly burned myself. This thing can be grabbed at any point and after any length of use without fear of burning. For me it's also about the size of my palm, so it's an easy grab to bend.

This one is what officially replaced the Halogen lamp. I managed to find this one when it was on sale for only $17.50, which made it an even clearer decision than when I first set out! With the two of these, I have almost entirely obliterated shadowing when I paint. The only disadvantage is it's a bit harder now to shadow-find mold-lines, but I'll take the improved usability over that any day!

I'm on track (I hope) to finish off the second wave of my Infinity stuff shortly, and will be seeing what I can do for my geckos shortly thereafter. They've had a bit of fuzzing from the airbrush, so if I can't clean them properly they may get a redo...

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