Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pandora Progress Update

I have at long last managed to finish off Candy, and along with have made progress on Kade and Pandora herself. Just today, before the rain set in, I managed to get the Teddy sprayed, so I will hopefully be able to get the entire crew done in the next week or so! (After that, I think I'll go back to Flames of War for a bit: try to get my LRDG and SAS crews finished up.)

Without further ado, progress on Pandora!

You can see the green line no her skirt where, despite my previous attempts to fill the gap, it remained anyway. Luckily, a little more liquid green stuff after I saw the gap, and it should be fine now.

Her hair was also causing me problems: I have a red that for some reason refuses to go as bright as in the bottle when actually applied (Vallejo flat red), but the Bloodletter red glaze from GW really brings the colour up to a good pure red! (Plus, adds that fresh glossy well-washed look!) I would normally make the 'red' a more natural redhead colour, but as with her skin tone, I wanted Pandora's appearance to be slightly unnatural, and so I went with a good strong red.

I also have managed to finish off Kade. The only thing not painted in this photograph is his hair, which was applied afterwards. Oddly, Kade went really quickly painting-wise, since he's essentially just three colours: Skin, diaper, and blade. (And eyes, I guess, so four...)

The skin here is also meant to be slightly eerie, but much paler still than Candy. It makes the colour scale lighter as the Woes appear older.

I like the new look for Kade, even if he is slightly oversized. He's more baby-like, sitting on his butt rather than stalking forward with his teddy bear. His overall countenance also seems more baby-like: Less manic glee over killing, and more brooding in a way, eerily enough, I've seen too many infants do.. >.>

And finally, Candy herself, finished until I inevitably find something I missed:

I must say I love this model. The slightly in-turned feet, the two-handed cutesy hold on the basket, the placid, slightly pouted face, the elaborate hair.. She's also a ton of fun to paint. Previously I posted the dress that inspired her lace, and now she has her hair settled. I picked Purple ribbons for her hair for contrast with the strawberry blonde, itself achieved by layering up from Leather Brown with a light wash of red at about the halfway point. I will likely keep her eyes blank white, as with Kade.

 I was looking up possible Victorian dress colour schemes and came across an odd one that mixed green and purple. With the subtle red of her hair, and green being a predominant colour in any Pandora crew, I had to try it for her waistline ribbon. White would have mixed with the lace, yellow would have been too straightforward, and the acid-strength of the green adds a kind of eerie quality to her outfit in general.

Next, I'm working on Pandora's dress. It has three distinct layers which I want to bring out more strongly than is currently represented on her illustration. I'll do a dark, slinky black-to-green for her slip, translucent where her legs push against the fabric, followed by the midtone green of her dress, and topped by (possibly faded) black for her cape. All of this will hopefully have little bizarre designs and swirls in the highlighting, unless when I try it, it looks bad. More soon!

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