Saturday, September 28, 2013

Space Wolf Commission VI: Blood Claws

Blood Claws are very new Space Wolves. While most chapters have their newbies start out in the scouts, to learn the various skills they will need as full marines, the Space Wolves are unable to restrain their recruits enough to make them quiet, and so they lump them in great packs of howling warriors. To simulate this wanton madness, I left the blood claws with no helmets, and tried to pick the 'younger' looking heads. (Namely, heads without epic beards, and with the wilder haircuts.)

Also, because of their wilder nature, as much as possible I tried to depict them running, charging, swinging, etc.

The left one above technically has a power weapon, but I delicately shaved off the parts that truly mark it as one. I also experimented with different ways of mixing up to skin tone. As you can see on the guy to the right, starting with a darker, reddish brown (like the old Scorched Brown colour) adds a rouge to their skin.

A lot of the components in this squad are from the assault marines, to further add motion, and to emphasize that they are new Space Wolves. Unlike their more veteran brethren, they lack the multitude of honour markings and the like. Also on these, you can see the pack's symbol, a diagonal lightning bolt (hey, why not push the 'fast' bit, eh?)

A repeat image from above, this time with better lighting to show the skin colour, and a bit more of an at-level view: This is what you'd likely see rushing towards you!

I may do a second picture spread of the blood claws, if I can find more good images. Next time (hopefully not as delayed...) will be the long fangs!

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