Sunday, August 25, 2013

Space Wolf Commission II: Wolf Cavalry

With the Sentry closing, and the commissioned Space Wolf force likely to go into hibernation, I figured I'd take a bunch of photos before it does, to document my creations and have some memory of it. I'll split the posts up, since they're pic-heavy.

First up, one of the more weird units the Space Wolves can field: Space Wolf cavalry.

We decided to focus the force on Canis Wolfborn, (who you can see in red) and so it was natural that we'd have wolf riders to go with them! I decided to go for a very bright, very classical look for the Space Wolves, as opposed to a darker, muddier look, in part because I like to torture myself it seems, and in part because they've always felt like the kind of force that needs to be done a bit over-the-top.

I sought to make them look as active as possible, and the wolves that are leaping/bounding are doing so over large boulders. The grass (to keep the theme of 'sample force' for the store) was from GW's grass tufts, and I have to say, I'm not entirely a fan. The base of them is a thick-ish piece of plastic, which means putting them down over sand can leave distinctive gaps.

 Here is the first of the wolves, the nominal leader. I am not necessarily a fan of NMM (Non-Metallic Metal) but I do like using metallic paint and highlighting as though it was. This way you still get the epic light-to-dark of NMM, but it still shines in the light!

The shoulderpad you can see is Canis Wolfborn's, and I didn't want to bother finding transfers, so they're done by hand.

With the space wolves especially, there's so much fur (or hair) and skin on most of them, that I really went to town experimenting with different ways to do it. Most of the wolves in this force got their initial light-to-dark by airbrush, later drybrushed to pick highlights.

The wolf itself is pinned right through the bark and into the base, so it shouldn't move. The pack shoulderpad for these guys was three diagonal slashes, to imitate the look of claws ripping across.

And now, for Canis himself. He is not plastic like the rest, and so I was much more careful pinning him in place and assembling him.

His flanks, and the armour of his wolf, received a lot of attention. (None of those are transfers, if I recall. I'd have to look again about the one on the Wolf's front armour plate, because I know that is the same design as one, and I can't recall if I just copied it or used it...)

His right-side, showing more custom details, like the pattern on his cape, and the honour markings on his legs. As I painted each squad, I fluctuated between methods of highlighting the armour. Here you can see a limited-blending technique as I learned how best to apply Space Wolf Grey, with the cape being a more standard blending.

More soon! I've got a lot of projects half-finished at the moment, so nothing too epic photo-wise of new stuff. I will soon remember to take out my Canadian Infantry and photograph 'em, I swear.. >.>

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