Sunday, May 05, 2013

Canadian Late-War 6pdrs

Well folks, I have alas been sick this week, and as such unmotivated to do much painting, modeling, or uploading. Here then, is the post that would have uploaded last week, about the final completion of my 6dprs!

Alas, the colour on these first few shots is a bit cold. I tried fixing it and it just looked more bizarre, so this is "shade light".

I decided to take advantage of the Tom Stanley box bits of wall, so unlike how I've based the rest of my Infantry force so far, these guys are urban-based. At first I wanted to make it appear as though they were one congruous base line, but I realized it was rather silly to have six 6pdrs arrayed that close together, in a line, in any European village.

I did use greenstuff to try to make the bases look as much like they're in a village as I could, with various types of road surfacing, some interior-of-building bits, and lots of rubble.
Tom Stanley himself is present with medal decorated. Though he would be unusable in a Canadian force, I figure having him there allows me the opportunity to 'pretend' my force is a British one and throw him in. Advantageously, this also meant I had an extra wheel (which got put on the T16s) and an extra crew figure, who will likely be a 'firing' PIAT model down the line.
These are by far the most frustrating guns I have painted yet. They are fairly large on their bases, and awkwardly spread for trying to put crew around. There is a lot less variety than I may otherwise have wanted, just because there's only so many places to arrange the same figure on the same base behind the same gun...
 (Here you can see some of the bases are decorated with building interiors. In this case, a hardwood floor that has somehow remained mostly undamaged, despite the near-complete obliteration of the building!)
To keep the theme consistent, the command team had plasticard walls added to their stand, and the lamp post was integrated with the rest of the sidewalk tiling. The pointing platoon commander and the prone figure are made to look like they could be taking cover behind the post, while the remaining crouches inside some rubble. I have yet to decide where to have them fighting, so at the moment the sign itself is blank. I may decide to make it a military-related signpost so it could in theory be anywhere.
These shots are more accurate for colour. I would have these all nicely merged into a panorama shot, but Photoshop's automate function has gotten worse! I can no longer tell it where I want the lines to be assumed from, and so it freaks out most of the time, unless you've taken a hundred photos...

More will be coming soon. The last five Panthers have been assembled, and all are being given stowage now. Because that's a relatively fluid process, it's been taking some time. I hope to put up a preliminary post later this week describing how to do some of the more 'basic' rivet counter things to do with the PSC Panthers, before launching into a stowage special as a final pre-painting post.

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